Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020
Bye Bye 2020

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Bye Bye 2020

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 Because there’s more in life than 2020.

Bye Bye 2020 is NOT a planner. It's a year long workbook to let the steam out, organise your dreams, & make choices. 

  • Unsure how to envision 2021 with confidence and hope?
  • Still feeling drained about the lockdown you went through?
  • Want to find a customizable way to deal with uncertainty without being lost & overwhelmed?
  • Tried every method out there but nothing worked for your Intuitive style?

I felt that way too... that's why this year I'm releasing the method I use since 2011 to:

- balance intuition with practicality

- reclaim Me Time, calmness, & safety at home with Hygge

- embrace Comfort Zone to tame self-doubt & second guessing.

With a simple 3-step process, you go from letting the steam out to feeling hopeful about the decisions you'll honour in the next 12 months.

Nothing fancy, nothing crazy...

Bye Bye 2020 is your easy way to turn your imagination into a 12-month blueprint so that you know:

- where to focus on the next month or 90-days

- when you can/should say "NO" because it doesn't match with your needs

- how to gently put yourself first without feeling selfish

Based on the Danish cosiness (Hygge) and our CPR Method, Bye Bye 2020 is your year-long companion, your life coach on the go, and your anchor to feel centered.

Mapping out your life & turning your long lasting dreams into reality have never easier nor enjoyable with Bye Bye 2020.

What you'll find inside Bye Bye 2020:

- Wrap up pages: Close 2020 without stress, resentment, or sadness. Find that silver lining without the woowoo dance under the Moon (unless you love it of course)

- Self Love Check: Become your own cheerleader even if you feel there's nothing special about you (hint: you're amazing and I know it)

- Coloring Pages: because bringing fantasy IRL is a a must have for intuitives

- 7 Tips to navigate 2021 with confidence and calmness

- Plan B pages: learn how to adjust along the year

- Recap: to remember, adjust, and pivot in 2021

- Comfort Zone Builder: tame self doubt by stacking up your wins

- Hygge Day: Create your own bubble of cosiness to recharge & rest on demand

- In With The New Masterclass Workbook: (optional) if you bought the Masterclass, you're ready to take notes and skyrocket your results for 2021 

--> In With The New is an optional, on demand 90-min Masterclass available HERE



- 84-page workbook

- 80 gsm uncoated paper for a smooth & silky writing experience

--> this paper minimizes bleeding and smudging even for lefties

- 8,5 x 11 in (close to A4)

- clean & lean design

- edgy & modern cover


Let's make the Planet a greener place together! 10% of all sales goes to planting trees! Every purchase matter.

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France France
It's nice to have something to 'walk' me through

The guided sections of the Bye Bye 2020. There is so much happening in all of our lives this year that it's nice to have something to 'walk' me through stages of thinking and reflecting in preparation for 2021. (published with author's authorization)

France France
Very excited to get started

I am sitting down now with my cup of tea having a chance to read through it and it looks great. I'm very excited to get started on this. This is such a wonderful idea and something I think many people need to do to help them work through their thoughts and feelings this year. Thank you for putting this together. (published with authorization)