In With The New- Special Edition 2020
In With The New- Special Edition 2020

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In With The New- Special Edition 2020

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5 steps to confidently plan & turn your long lasting dreams into reality in 90 days or less when you're an Intuitive

At the end of this 90-min workshop, you'll know:

✨ Why there’s nothing smart about goals & what you can do instead that fits your intuitive style

✨ Why Comfort Zone & Cosiness as key components to your well-being & lifestyle (& how you can tap into them effortlessly)

​​​​​​​✨ Why most goal setting strategies lead to catastrophe & how you can flip this old belief into a intuitive -friendly strategy

✨  How to deal & overcome the common self-sabotage thoughts that run over and over into your compassionate mind

✨  How to create a customized 90-day plan ready to use & to implement at the end of the workshop 

✨  The exact formula I'm using since 2011 which helped me to recalibrate my intuition to be accurate on demand.


What's included:

- a 90-min recorded workshop on a private hosting

- a 19-page workshop to take notes (if you purchase ByeBye 2020, the entire workbook is already printed ready for you to take notes)


I highly recommend to bundle Bye Bye 2020 with this Masterclass so that you'll:

- be able to make peace with 2020 without overwhelm, resentment, sadness

- focus on tiny memories to reframe your challenging year

- ditch old patterns and make choices that are aligned with you 


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