Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner

Carry the feeling of cozy days, the richness of a cocoa by candlelight, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or the savor of a french vanilla coffee with you 24/7. 

The Hygge Planner is your permission slip to:

- tap into your daydreaming skills

- strengthen your gut instinct/ intuition 

- connect the dots between imagination and implementation easily

- be unapologetically you

It's the antidote to fast-paced living for Introvert/ Quiet/ Highly Sensitive People.

💮 Get ready to curate a lifestyle that cares for you first

💮 Stack up your wins & build up rock solid confidence

💮 Start right off the bat with this undated 30-day planner

💮 Slow down & unwind with daily reminder

💮 Cultivate calmness & cosiness through all-in-one weekly view

💮 BONUS: 5 weeks included in every planner so you'll have plenty of time to reorder while staying organized