About Us

Are You Dreaming Of Crafting A Lifestyle That Encapsulates Your Unique Inner Journey?

Cough…Cough … You’re NOT alone! This is where The Hygge [Hoo-Ga] Planner comes into play. 


Hygge is a Danish way of living but also a very effective tool to:


 crafting a schedule that fits your needs

– making better decisions for you (honouring your dreams)

– facing your fears/ solving your daily problems


-feeling confident, courageous, capable to say “NO” without a second guess

– sharing meaningful moments with your loved ones/ creating memories that matter

– disconnecting from social media 24/7  & stop feeling stuck to your laptop


 (re)discovering simple pleasures/ DIY/ reading/ writing/sewing, knitting, stitching…

– loving your quiet/introvert personality (yes, you ARE awesome the way you are)

– embracing your intuition/ empathy/ highly sensitive personality

– feeling safe, accepted, respected, understood for what you stand for


Stop Rushing! Cosiness Works


Hi, I'm Ophelie. The Comfort Zone Advocate & Unapologetic Quiet Strategist

Hygge Planner Founder  

the choice is yours.🥳


Feeling "out of order"incapable of processing thoughts, putting words on emotions and feelings for 35+ years is a daunting experience.

Staying locked in a room to cry for days... Having your heart pounding like crazy in a crowd... Experiencing dizziness in front of your BFF. All those moments are NOT what you're supposed to live. PERIOD


When you struggle to keep your head above the water... when you're constantly tired... when the idea of getting out let you drained, it's normal to think "there's something wrong with me"


Maybe you wrote in your journal something like: "I'm not wired to be happy because I've been bullied and teased  for so many years" or "I should wipe up all my dreams".


Chances are you're doubting your own skills, your abilities. You're overthinking so badly that you postpone every fun activity you used to enjoy. You feel the burden of your own emotions. Your feelings seem to weigh more than you can tolerate.


Guess what? Having a scattered mind  or experiencing panic attacks more regularly than taking some fresh air should NEVER be on your To Do List.


On Christmas Eve 2016, I discovered The Little Book of Hygge & I was like:

"Ok, but how can I implement it easily? No one is sharing that. That could be such a game changer.  I can be the one who does it." 


Building your life one day at a time make you confident.  And, it helps to fall in love with flows & quirks. 


Ready for some quirks?

You've read so far... You deserve some funny details about who I am.

- I'm an INFJ (very quiet and the rarest breed of quiet with under 1% of the entire population)

- I'm lefty so I always think my products to be used by both hands

- My first name comes from a Danish play written by Shakespeare (yes, it counts as a sign...)

- I'm close to Nature and there's nothing more recharging for me than running outside

- I love hard rock & metal music.

- I got three tattoos that represent my inner journey

- I'm a writer, author, mangaka & totally addicted to play writing

- I've been bullied from 12 to 18 by fellow kids: being shy and bright was like a curse to cure ... because I remained silent, I thought I deserved their hatred.

- During my PhD, I had a major nervous breakdown (aka as burnout). This was my wake-up call: I should no longer hide or give up on who I am to please someone.


Creating planners quickly becomes the perfect medium to share my experience & my love for helping fellow empaths.