Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine
Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine


Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine

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-You can't stop crying watching the situation in your country?

- You feel overwhelmed & you like to be productive but you don't know what to do? 

You're working from home and your computer is slow AF... which leads to an anxiety level at 11/10?

If you nodded at least ONCE... Truth is, you're not alone.

And now, it's time to give yourself a break so that you can

- learn how to adjust your routine during funky moments

- believe your needs for safety & certainty are worthy of respect

- bring back some structure in your schedule so you feel calm, centered, & grounded easily


Wouldn't it be cool if you could get all of the above by making just ONE TINY change in your morning routine? It's so much easier than you thin

Mix, Match, & Stick is the cosy inspired & fully customizable method to begin a healthy routine during uncertain times/ social distancing

Get a sneak peek of what you'll get when you enroll

- Welcome: In this onboarding module, you'll get all your questions answered (from who I am to how to connect with me) + you'll learn how to use Thinkific so you get the most out of the course. 


- Your Resources: No need to open every lesson to find the workbook to print... like in many courses + I included printing tips so you'll never struggle with your at-home printer (like I regularly do).


Step 1: Hygge 101:  In this module, you'll know why Denmark ranks in the top 3 of the happiest country in the world+ How you can turn a 19th century tradition into a mindful/ everyday practice that makes people comfy & homey (despite taxes & bad weather) 

Finally, you'll get a complete makeover about what Comfort Zone is... 

You'll see how to go from cosiness to comfort zone using ONLY the Danish tradition of Hygge + how you can start cultivating yours peacefully.


Step 2: The Internal Comfort Zone --> How To Customize Your Daily Routine:  You'll be guiding to create custom routines (whether it's a morning and/ or an evening one).  But there's a catch, it's not a cookie cutter routine: it's a personalized, easy to follow routine that will sustain you whether you have 5 min or 30 min to spend. 

You'll be mixing & matching your interests with your needs for routine in a customized and powerful system. It's about setting yourself in the comfy mood so you KNOW you'll be fine (by sticking to your Happiness definition)

BONUS: Get my exclusive Happy Wheel© so you can create your routine on the go



Want to:

- stay on track?

-get results quicker?

- & enjoy your course without a shadow of a doubt?

  • 🎁 Lifetime access to the course + all the upcoming updates

    $997 value

    --> even if we double the curriculum, you'll stay up to date for FREE.

  • 🤔 Q & A session at the end of each lesson

    $497 value

    --> Ask me anything in the discussion tab and I'll be answering personally


It all starts HERE & NOW!

All you need is a customized routine you love
It's time to connect the dots by enrolling in Mix, Match, & Stick To Your Daily Routine

Read our FAQ at https://hyggeplanner.thinkific.com/courses/MixMatchStick


Let's make the Planet a greener place together! 10% of all sales goes to planting trees! Every purchase matter.